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Tomorrow's meeting will be held in Room 508!

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June 12th @ 7:

Speaker: Who better to have talk to us about Spade Fishing than one of the people who helped pioneer the fishery in this area? Captain Herb Gordon and four or five others were the first to open up this fishery in about 1997. He has been one of this area’s most prolific charter guides. After a career spanning 40 years he decided it was time to retire and so 6 years ago he did just that. He now spends his time fishing with his family and friends.

Capt. Herb is going to talk about the early days of the fishery and some of the other pioneers. He will talk about what these fish eat, the tackle to use, why small hooks are important as well as places to fish for them. When fishing for these fish you have to bring your patience and he will discuss why this is important. Bring your paper and pencil to take notes so you will be able to go fish for Spade Fish and actually catch them.


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Tidewater Angler's Club was established in 1941 to promote conservation
of marine fish and legislation to benefit anglers and angling.

The Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at
Bayside Presbyterian Church at the intersection of Independence
Boulevard and Ewell Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia

2018 Club Officers

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2nd Vice President Richard Pearsall
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